Friday, October 26, 2007

The Icy Hand of Time is, Well, Icy.

Gah. Another week without a post. At least this time there is knitting, and with grainy, off-color pictures! Yay!
These are pics from a baby sweater. It's called the Peach Blossom Baby sweater, and it's a Chinese-style cardigan. I love it, but my gauge is off (again) and it's going to be too big for a newborn (again). But it's so cute!

This is a scarf that I've decided to abandon. It's pretty, but that took two hours. Yes, two hours for four inches. I've already made myself a different scarf and started another, and I'll probably use this yarn for another baby sweater like the one above.

I don't have any decent pics of the other scarves I've been making because my camera won't cooperate with me. They're both in this funfur stuff that's really soft, and the colors are like peacock colors. I've tried repeatedly to make it into a shawl, but the stuff is too hard to knit with when you have to count stitches; I always ended up with too many or too few. Oh well, I'll make all of it I have into scarves and use it up hopefully.

I made a regular garter stitch scarf first, and now I'm making a three-sided scarf. It's like a + but minus one side, so there are just three instead of four, if that didn't confuse you too terribly. I really like the idea, and I'm gonna make more of these. Pics of scarves next time, plus updates of the sweater and anything else I've forgotten.

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